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Watching Eagles Soar

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"Of all the writers of Native-American mysteries compared to Tony Hillerman, Coel is the one who most deserves the accolade."
Publishers Weekly

 Latest Wind River Novel
Killing Custer
Now Available!

Killing Custer In her pulse-pounding mysteries, New York Times bestselling author Margaret Coel interweaves authentic Native American culture and history with modern-day suspense. In the latest Wind River novel, Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley are caught between two cultures that won't let go of the past—and a killer who won't leave any witnesses...

When a spot-on impersonator of General George Armstrong Custer is found dead in the street with a bullet hole in his chest following a parade to kick off the Lander rodeo season, public sentiment turns against the Arapaho. Father John O'Malley knows in his heart the Arapaho are not guilty. And Vicky Holden finds herself professionally and personally compromised from getting involved. But what begins as a murder soon reveals itself as a conspiracy that neither Father John nor Vicky could have foreseen. And someone wants to ensure that the truth they discover will die with them...

"In lesser hands, this tale of long-buried hatred, greed, and cowardice might falter, but Coel's mastery at blending the past and present, as well as the blurry lines between fact and fiction, make this a satisfying historical read."
   —Publishers Weekly

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 Wind River Anthology Now Available
Watching Eagles Soar

Watching Eagles Soar The first anthology of Margaret's short stories, Watching Eagles Soar, is now available in trade paperback.

When artifacts are stolen from the Arapaho Museum, Father John and Vicky are drawn down a path of two-bit hoodlums, drug dealers, and murder... An allergic reaction lands a young man in the ICU, but his life hinges on solving the mystery of a thirty-year-old murder... Vicky finds herself in a game of cat and mouse with Lonny Hereford, the murderer they call Bad Heart, whom she helped put away three years ago...

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